About Us

Vision and Mission Statements

“Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi”

The change begins with us. By loving ourselves more and more every single day, fine tuning our health, spirit, relationship, our own personal development, managing our finance, focusing on our skills and abilities eventually leading to a change by itself. When we see ourselves more clearly, we are able to see others with a better understanding, compassion, love and respect leading us and others to SUCCESS.

Lotus Soul 9 is focused on guiding, upliftment and enlightenment of people to achieve their true health, spiritual, physical and financial perfection

Our mission is simple – we want everyone in the world be able to solve problems, conquer hardships, build relationships and make their dreams come true. We do this by sharing with people ideas and concepts that help them to achieve their dreams come true

Our approach:

  • We FOCUS on solutions and not problems
  • BALANCE work, life, relationship and spirit
  • ENJOY everything that you do
  • Be GENEROUS – give more than you receive

You can reach us at contactus@lotussoul9.com