30 Reasons – Why You Should Travel Around The World

Travelling is something I am really passionate about. I enjoy traveling and exploring the world. Exploring new place, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and food has always been a great learning experience for me. At times it feels great going down the memory lane and revisiting all the lovely memories of our various travels around the world.  

I am just back from a lovely vacation with my family. This time it was Rajasthan – India. I’ve visited many places in Rajasthan but Udaipur is one such place which is so refreshing and mesmerising. The palaces and lakes are an awesome treat for the eyes, mind and heart. Not to forget the food, colourful outfits, folk dances and music.

When you start travelling, you’ll realise you are just a tiny spec in the world. – Pooja Shende

I just thought of sharing 30 Reasons – Why you should travel around the world

  1. It helps in increasing your happiness quotient
  2. It is an eye opener
  3. It helps in experiencing new culture
  4. It helps to experience adventure
  5. You get to meet new people and create new friendships
  6. Taste and enjoy different types of food
  7. It helps in relaxing and rejuvenating
  8. It helps you in developing your personality
  9. You get to know and learn about yourself better
  10. It helps in improving your relationships with others
  11. It helps you to develop skills you didn’t  know you had
  12. It helps you to look at things from a different perspective
  13. It helps to educate yourself
  14. It helps you in believing in yourself that you can do it
  15. It helps in adding to your life experiences to learn from
  16. It helps in achieving yours dreams
  17. It gives you fond memories for a life time
  18. It helps you in going out of your daily routine
  19. It helps you in finding a new purpose in life
  20. Once you start staying away – you will learn to appreciate your home
  21. It helps you realise how limited your knowledge and mind is
  22. It helps you realise that everyone around the world has similar needs
  23. It helps you in enjoying small things in life apart from big things in life
  24. It helps you in realising that life is a wonderful and beautiful journey
  25. It helps you to learn to live in the moment and enjoy the moment
  26. It helps you in learning to appreciate people better
  27. It helps you in learning to handle situations better
  28. It helps you in enhancing your photography skills
  29. It helps you in experiencing life as never before
  30. It helps you in looking at it (traveling) as a new source of income

And the list goes on.

Before planning to travel to a location, find out places that you would like to visit in that location. Know the visiting hours as well. Plan well. Doesn’t matter where you travel but remember to keep an open mind to learn and explore. Start creating joyful memories so that when you look back, some will inspire you, make you laugh, calm you and make you feel good about them. Don’t forget your camera, notepad and pen.

Happy Travelling!

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