Sandhiya Mehta In Conversation With Pooja Shende

Date: 10th April 2015 | Location: Sandhiya Mehta’s Office

Today, I was excited to meet one of the most popular personality in the space of Numerology which is none other than Sandhiya Mehta. She has not only been a great friend, inspiration but also a guiding force.

We present to you an exclusive interview with her. She is a world known ace Numerologist and Vastu Consultant with ultimate knowledge and wisdom in her subject that no one has matched. She has not only studied Numerology thoroughly but also researched and developed further to expand its reach to each and every human soul and guide them to their enchanting dreams and make them come alive.

She has been guiding and helping people for more than two decades and her charisma and enthusiasm in the fields has won her awards like ‘ISMA honour for excellence in astro science”, “Nari Ratna Award”, “Indira Gandhi – Priyadarshani Award”, “Global Indian leaders excellence Award” and a long list of feathers in her hat.

She has always encouraged womanhood and is a strong futuristic woman with ideas to lead people onto a much brighter future, thanks to her years of sustained research work in occult science of Numerology and Vastu!. At one instance, while receiving the award, she poured her heart out saying – “I am so grateful to God, to let me be the person who is a guide, philosopher and mentor to so many people, and that through an ancient science.”

Sandhiya Mehta received the “Glory of India” award for outstanding achievements and services to the nation by former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand on 15th January, 2015.

As a globally recognised brand in her field she believes in connecting with normal individuals who struggle in their daily lives and look for motivation. And this is what we like about her.

A bright star has its own energy; but to light up a lamp in the dark is much more powerful. – Sandhiya Mehta

Let’s hear from her how she made to what she is today, how she has handled herself, what are the qualities, attributes required for a person to succeed and climb the ladder upwards. That’s what everyone is looking for in life.

Pooja: Who were the people who influenced you most in your life?

Sandhiya: My mother-in-law and my father influenced me most in my life. They inspired me to work and move ahead in life as a woman successfully with strength and follow your inspiration.

Pooja: How did you decide to pursue the career that you are in today? What it your calling?

Sandhiya: It was a calling. My ambition to become a Doctor went for a toss when at the age of 18, I saw a dream sequence of Shiva that pulled me unbelievably onto the path of divinity.

Pooja: What’s you vision and mission in life? You have achieved so much in life so what is it that you still want to do.

Sandhiya: I have achieved so much but so much is less. I definitely want to continue to climb the ladder upwards but giving more and more to people. I want to pass on my energy to people, to the society, to the country, to the world to make this a better place to live in.

Pooja: If we ask you – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, what is that change that you would want to see.

Sandhiya: The change that I want to see is more progress and work towards environmental research (globally) bringing in more peace and harmony.

Pooja: How can a person become an Extra-ordinary person from an ordinary person?

Sandhiya: First of all believe in yourself. Every person is unique, has an identity of their own. Everyone has some or the other inspiration in them. Get that out… get your originality out. Show it to the people. Show it to the world. But at the same time “respect it”.

Pooja: What are the qualities, attitude you feel a person should posses or work or develop to become a great leader? 

Sandhiya: First of all you should always believe in yourself. You should have passion and definitely hard work plays an important role as well as motivation.

Pooja: Confidence plays an important role in one’s life. How can a person boost their confidence level?

Sandhiya: Always Be positive about what’s happening with you and you yourself as a whole. Believe in yourself and the universe. Always wish that – I get my way out and I get it. Universe is a balance – so what you send to the universe, it comes back to you so program your thoughts accordingly which is very important.

Pooja: What does success mean to you?

Sandhiya: This is what she replied

Pooja: Have you ever felt that life is about to destabilise you? How did you face obstacles? What would you advice people on facing obstacles?

Sandhiya: Like I mentioned earlier, Be positive. Being positive gives you motivation. Look at people and leaders around you. See how they are facing obstacles. Become like them but in your own way. Whenever you feel dull, rest for a while and get back then. Set targets. Set your goal. Target is a must. Without that you will not know where you are heading for.

Pooja: What does Law Of Attraction mean to you?

Sandhiya: Basically it is a science. It’s your own energy. What vibration you send to the Universe, the same will come back to you. Remember, Universe is not preparing you – it is you who are manifesting what you want and of-course 100% will come back to you.

Pooja: Do you feel Numerology is related to Law Of Attraction? How does one benefit from Numerology?

Sandhiya: They are connected rather related because certain number and device we make has some power (metal and number) that is sending messages or programming for your life. So there have to be receivers to collect and bring back that for you. The number and metal is a puller. It connects your positive energy and vibration that indeed helps you in your life to find your way. It also helps to change other people or your surroundings as it keeps on passing your positive vibes to your surroundings.

Pooja: What is your favourite book? Which one are you currently reading? What books do you suggest people to read?

Sandhiya: Secrets, yes of-course. There are a variety of books that I read including Robin Sharma’s collection. Geeta and Mahabharat (these are practical books that I believe in and follow). I read a lot about Swami Vivekanand and Osho (helps in meditation techniques and calming your personality)

Pooja: Are you writing any book?

Sandhiya: Yes, I am working on my book know as – “Advance Numerology With Solution”.  After studying so many people over a period of 20 years, I am pouring that study in my book. It is more to do with numbers and how people react with them.

Look forward to more from her in our next series.

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