5 Ways To Reduce Damage Due To Plastic

Scientist, researchers, environmentalist around the world and many more organizations and people are involved in the research and study of the harm to our planet due to the excessive use of plastics over the past few years. Research says that it takes months or many years for the plastic to break down and that also not completely.

Every now and then we hear about dangers to our climate and planet, water clogging in various cities around the world, the dangers to marine life and animals because of the use of plastics. To name these are just some dangers but the list goes on. Loads of money is being spent on clean up initiatives.

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated annually on 5th June and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. 5th June, 2018, on #WorldEnvironmentDay, Isha Foundation partnered with the United Nations Environment Program to spread awareness for banning single-use plastic.

The situation is alarming. No doubt about it. Let’s look at some ways we can contribute to reducing this damage.

#1: Reusable Bags

There are a whole lot of Cotton or jute bags available in the market that you can buy. They are trendy and fashionable. They look good even when you carry them. You can pick up one that suits your style. You can even use your old t-shirts or dress or saree to make a couple of them. Save your money and the environment also at the same time.

Best thing is they are washable so reusing them is easy. 

Now think of all the times you use are using a plastic bag and replace that with a cloth bag. Instead of carrying your lunch box in a plastic bag, you can use such bags or other lunch boxes made out of cloth which are available in the market. Even on a regular day, stepping out of the house for going to the laundry, supermarket, tailor or as a matter of fact any purpose for which you use a plastic bag replace it with a cloth bag wherever possible.

#2: Carry your own water bottle

Avoid buying mineral water bottle. Instead carry your own water bottle. At the same time avoid using the plastic glasses that might be available in the office pantry or hospitals or airports etc. Avoid using the plastic straws and caps that are provided along with your beverage.

Yes, now a day’s plastic crushing machines are available at various outlets but not always.

#3: Plastic containers

Avoid using plastic containers used to pack your food while travelling or while you are asking for a take away. Instead you can carry your own lunch box or container. This will help you save money and unnecessary packaging also.

Use a reusable bottle or a mug while you are ordering beverages for a take away.

#4: Shopping

Be conscious while you are shopping for clothes, cosmetics or other stuff. You can buy products that do not use microbeads and plastic for packaging and branding. Microbead is an extremely small piece of material manufactured for various applications, especially one made of plastic and used in personal care products, cosmetics, and detergents.

Instead go for natural products and materials.

#5: Razor

Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of a disposable razor.

There are many other ways one can follow to avoid using plastic. I’ve just listed some of them above. Let’s begin somewhere and do as much as we can. It’s not the time to think anymore and any further. It’s time for action. Let’s come forward in making this universe a better place to live in for ourselves and our future … “Our Children”

For so long the environment has taken care of us by providing a beautiful place to live in. NOW it’s our turn to take care of the environment. To show, that WE CARE.

Note: I’m supporting Isha Foundation’s Beat Plastic Pollution initiative.

Image Courtesy: Isha Foundation

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