31 Tips For Living A Great Life

At times we feel that time just flies. Whether we lived a life that we wanted to or just went with the flow – we cannot control time. What we can control is the quality of the life that we live. At regular intervals one must take stock of their own life and move in the direction that you want to. No point cribbing on your death bed and having regrets.

Let’s look at some tips that one can incorporate and make changes accordingly.

1. Express Gratitude daily

2. Meditate daily

3. Exercise daily

4. Keep a Journal

5. Say “No” to distractions

6. Plan your schedule for the week in advance

7. See your work as an “Art”

8. Improve your work every single day

9. Focus on Self Development

10.  Attend seminars and workshops

11.  Get a Mentor

12.  Hire a Coach

13.  Smile often even at strangers

14.  Be your own Best Friend

 15. Treat failures as experiences to help you grow

16. Be the change that you wish to see

17. Disconnect from gadgets

18. Read for 20 mins daily

19. Spend time in the nature

20. Be a leader

21. Be passionate about your dreams

22. Take actions for your dreams to come true

23. Know your strength and weakness

24. Be a great team mate

25. Treat people the way you would like to be treated

26. Be Generous and kind

27. Tip people

28. Appreciate people for their good work

29. Work in a solution mode

30. Eat less food

31. Drink lot of water

No one is perfect and the same applies to you as well.

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