Finding Your What and Why – Discover Yourself

When I was about to finish my schooling, my parents asked me which university I would like to go for my higher education and what plans do I have for myself.

Guess what, I had already done the working on this. I had already spent some time on understanding what is it that I wanted to do. Will this mean something to me even after 20 years? Will I be proud of this or will I be ashamed of what I am doing right now? Will this add value to my life and to others as well?

I was not bothered about what people think of me. My life was more important to me.

I told them that I chose to complete my education in India. I explained to them what is that I wanted to do in my life and why I wanted to be here. I am glad to have such wonderful parents who gave me the complete freedom to shape my life to become what I am today. And if they didn’t, I would have still chosen the path that I wanted to walk on.

Since, I had clarity on my “What” and “Why”, “How” to achieve that became easy. As I was focused on achieving what I wanted to do, automatically doors to achieve them started to open up. All the questions related to what, why, how, when, where all fell in place.

Life is always calling. Life is always happening inside and outside. It’s not about life. It is about you. That’s why, it’s important to have a self-talk with yourself to understand rather discover what is it that you want to do in life. Only when you have clarity you will be more engaged and involved in your life, ultimately leading to higher productivity, success and happiness.

You might decide to do certain things till a certain age or stage of life and then switch to other areas that you are attached to or wanted to do which is perfectly fine. Don’t go by what others do or choose for themselves. Go by what you choose to become. Whatever stage of life you are in right now, ask yourself “Why am I doing what I am doing?” Is this what I always wanted to do?

Most important – Are you living your life consciously or by chance?

Major Benefits of Knowing Your What and Why:

1)It gives you clarity

2)It keeps you focused on your passion and what is required to be done for that

3)It keeps you focused on your activities

4)It helps you maintain good health as you are enjoying what you are doing

5)It helps you handle situations better

Many people just take life as it comes through. What if – if you had earned all the wealth and popularity in the world and not been able to do what you were passionate about. You will continue to have dissatisfaction and frustration throughout your life. You will not be able to enjoy the wealth and popularity.

But what if, consciously you are able to do things in the direction you want to go. What will it result in? Definitely – a better version of you. Now this does not mean that you leave your job or business and go in search for it. Take a notepad and pen. Spend some time with yourself about the direction you want to go in. There will be a lot pouring out. Pick up one activity that you would like to change or do. Implement that and see what you experience.

Many times we are passionate about something but when it comes to doing it we take a back seat. We fear we might not be good at it and it’s not our cup of tea. That might not be the case always.

Say for example; you enjoy making paintings and you are really passionate about it. You like to paint in the open. Someone else might like to spend time indoors and paint without getting disturbed. Everyone is different and unique. You select your style. Probably, you can join some classes and polish your skills. That will help you make new friends and network also. This will help you connect the missing dots that you might be looking for.

You never know what next is in store for you.

All the answers to the questions that you are searching for are within you. Reflection is the best tool that you have with you. The power is within you. 

We all have one life. Don’t wait for others to make changes to your life. Don’t surrender to others. Be the change that you wish to see. It is up-to you to make it more meaningful, beautiful or worse.

The choice is yours.

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