Empower Indian Rural Children with Education

The Isha Foundation, founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, is a non-profit NGO headquartered at Coimbatore, India. For the last 30 years, Isha has been promoting the science of yoga throughout the world. It is Isha’s mission to provide methods of holistic development, enabling people to realize their true potential.

As a part of Isha’s social outreach programs, Isha Vidhya rural schools have been started in villages (under the umbrella of Isha Education, established in 2005) to provide high quality school education to underprivileged rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. In 2012, Isha Vidhya began to carry out critical interventions to improve the quality of education in rural Government schools.

Isha Vidhya’s English-medium schools open the door for rural children to prepare for higher studies and to join the workforce. The holistic, activity-based approach of Isha Vidhya’s educational system, nurtures children’s development beyond just academics, ensuring that students realize their full potential and learn in a joyful manner.

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My experience

When I donated for these children, I was in for a beautiful surprise. They sent a Thank You note. That’s so sweet of them. This made my day. I felt so blessed that I am able to do so. It would be great if you could also come forward and support the education of such children. Check these lovely greetings from them. Note that they are not only grateful but also conscious about taking care of the environment.

Get involved and make a difference now. Thank you so much for supporting us.

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