Dr. Nicholas Antao In Conversation With Pooja Shende

Date: 5th October 2016 | Location: Dr. Nicholas Antao – Mumbai Clinic

Today, I was excited to meet my life saver whom I would be ever grateful for. This is none other than Dr. Nicholas Antao. He is the force behind getting me back on my feet.

I gifted him my upcoming solo book “365 Days Of Mindfulness – Quotes for Life” which releases on 10th October 2016. I also gifted him the bestselling book “365 Moments of Grace”. I was one of the contributing authors in this book. My chapter in this book mentions about him and my journey of getting back on my feet.

We asked him: How does motivation and inspiration play an important role in the life of a patient or while you are treating a patient?

This is what he had to say -> check his video here

I am grateful to him for this opportunity.

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