8 Reasons Why Discipline Is Important For Success

I am a member of Speakers Institute. While I speak at various events on various topics, I got the opportunity to speak at the Speakers Tribe Virtual Meet today (25th April, 2020). We are in the midst of a pandemic and hence all events were shifted to online mode. The talk was on Discipline and how it plays an important role in our lives.

Watch the video here -> 8 Reasons Why Discipline Is Important For Success

00:03 – Karthik Madugula who is the Facilitator Incubator Program (Speakers Institute), introduced me to the virtual audience.

00:44 – Namaskar and Good Evening Everyone. Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you felt that discipline has actually helped you sail through challenging and tough times easily. YES and a YES!

I have found out and even research shows us that people who are highly self-disciplined are great performers, are great achievers, they have been able to achieve their targets and goals easily. They have been able to make better choices in their life. One great example of self-discipline is Mahatma Gandhi himself.

Sometime back – I was in my 4th grade and playing in the garden of our bungalow. I was cycling actually and I saw my dad entering through the gate of our bungalow in his Jonga – a jeep. In the rush and excitement to catch up with him, I actually slipped. The cycle brake hit my forehead and actually pierced just a little above my eyebrows. If you see I have this mark as well even today. I was bleeding. My dad saw that….

Watch what happened next here -> 8 Reasons Why Discipline Is Important For Success

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